Waterproof 5V Rechargeable Battery Heated Jacket Electric Battery Powered Heated Jacket

Softshell Fabric(94% Ployester, 6% Spandex)

1 Side Pocket And 1 Side Hidden Pocket 

2 Self-heating System: Heated to 35-55°/95-131°

3 Heating Setting

4 Logo & Color Customized

5 Factory Direct

6 Style Code: AS-1754

Waterproof 5V Rechargeable Battery Heated Jacket Electric Battery Powered Heated Jacket

Product Description of the Battery Heated Jacket

The battery heated jacket is mainly made of high-performance metal composite carbon fiber heating element, no burning sensation, producing far infrared rays, and has health care functions.

The far-infrared radiation generated by the far – infrared heating element of 5μm – 15μm. ( this wavelength of far – infrared rays is necessary for the human body and all living things )

It’s more likely to resonate with people’s skin and cell tissue, and can penetrate into the skin and under the skin, deep in the tissue, resulting in a warming effect, then improving blood circulation, dilating the blood vessels, and eliminating microcirculatory disorders.


Product Type: Battery Powered Heated Jacket.
Material: Softshell. 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex.
Technics: Laser. Embroidery or print.
Feature: Self – Heating. Waterproof. Windproof
Size: Customized Size.
Color: Black, Red. Or Customized Color.
For the Crowd: Adult.
Season: Winter.
Heating Temperature: 3 Heating Setting. Heated to 35 – 55°C / 95 – 133°F
Battery Type: 5V / 2.1 Amp Output USB Battery.

Images about the Battery Heated Jacket




Usage Guide

1.Connect the battery

There’s a USB link insided of the hidden pocket (near the left pocket,  and the pocket’s position is customized), as for the battery, we recommed you to used the 5V / 2.1Amp output power bank.

2.Turn on the heating effect

You can press the button on the left chest area for 2 second to turn on the heating effect, since we are using the most stable metal composite fiber heated pads, you can feel the heat in just 10 seconds.
And these heated pads has 3 heating temperature setting:
Red reprsent the highest level: 50-55°C / 122-131°F
Blue reprsent the middle level: 45-50°C / 113-122°F
Green reprsent the lowest level: 35-45°C / 95-113°F

3. Press it again for 3 second to turn off.


1.Waterproof Outer Shell

Softshell outer shell are waterproof and breathable. ( 10000mm waterproof / 3000mvp breathable)


Softshell jacket and the heating pads are both support hand wash and machine wash. (some softshell are not support machine wash.)

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