Can You Wash Heated Jacket?


Can You Wash Heated Jacket? Your Aisycle heating jacket is designed to keep you warm and dry under any circumstances, even the worst of the weather. This is because we use high-tech TPU (durable waterproof) coating for each of our heating jackets.

Although TPU treatment prevents absorption of moisture from the outer layer, it does not affect air permeability. It turns water molecules into small droplets of water and flows out of the outermost layer, making the micro-fleece that we fill in our clothing not affected

So even if it’s raining cats and dogs, you can still stay dry and comfortable! Aisycle’s heated jacket or heated vest will help you feel warm during long, cold commutes.

However, over time, dirt, oil and normal wear have a negative effect on TPU coatings. It takes a few years, but what if you don’t care about it? Dirt mixes with the performance of your coat. As the air permeability decreases, the inner layer may become wet and viscous. Some people think that means their TPU fabrics have lost its “water resistance”. In fact, more accurately, the fabric has lost its breathability. (basically, it’s because your sweat doesn’t come out, not the water.)

Generally, cleaning will make your TPU coat like New Year insulation. What do you need to do?

Not a lot, to be honest.

Proper cleaning involves simple steps to ensure that your Aisyle heating jacket stays high, evenly insulated and at a premium. From fabric to down, how to keep your high-tech coat from scratch after seasonal use.

Step 1: take out your power bank

“What’s that?”  You might ask. “I think Aisycle’s power banks are almost impervious to elements?”

Don’t be restless! This is true, all heating jackets are equipped with waterproof, child protective batteries, which are usually protected by maximum protection.

However, we strongly recommend that you purge your Aisycle power bank washing machine from the washing machine, because there is still a chance of damage in the washing machine.

Step 2: clean up the strong stain

Whether you’re in the morning shoveling last night’s blizzard or just a messy eater, there’s a stubborn stain or both

For spots with dirt and dry sweat, use a diluted detergent solution, preferably liquid, and mix with water in half. Shake it so that there is no undiluted detergent residue. Then spray the solution on any dye spots and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

When cleaning, remember to pull out your coat pocket and pull the zipper back. If you try to find a stubborn place on the lining, just build it in and use more clean solutions as before.

Step 3: wash your Aisycle  heated jackets or vests

can you wash heated jacket

We were surprised to see that washing down duvets was considered a tricky frequency. The awarded puffer has its own signature puffy look, because they contain not only down jackets but also air.

To ensure that all soft villi don’t become unrepaired, there are some tricks to keep your sleeves up. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science (or even dry cleaning).

First, try to find a pre-loaded washing machine. This is because of the blender, a large middle section, and the top loader may damage your coat by tearing or clasps the fabric. If you can’t use a front-end loader, consider folding Aisycle sheath into a garment bag or pillowcase for additional protection.

Extra precautions: stay away from ultra-hot water, fabric softener, bleach, and even fold your down jacket too much, which will result in unnecessary compression of your jacket.

Instead, use warm water and a gentle cycle to get your Aisycle jacket to enjoy a nice bubble bath.

Step 4: dry your heated jackets

Now is an important part of the drying of any falling coat. But first, no matter how tempting it is, you may be able to squeeze out a little extra moisture. Don’t! Step on a down jacket, especially if it is wet, that will damage the feathers.

Drying is a slow process, so be prepared to spend some time at home. It’s also a subtle thing, because too much heat can damage the decline – and be sure to underestimate it.

The temperature of the dryer is another reason, preferably in a dry down jacket at home, while a commercial laundry dryer usually offers only three levels of scalds.

Throwing in a few clean tennis balls will help break down the pieces and speed up the drying process. Even with tennis, it’s a good idea to take your coat out of the dryer regularly and use your fingers to separate your fingers. The fall of the entire baffle can be compressed into the size of the marble. Separating them can significantly accelerate dryness.

If you don’t have a dryer (the local laundromat seems to be hot enough to melt the glass), you can dry your down jacket at any time. To do this, place it in a warm, dry place and place it on a towel to avoid direct sunlight. Be sure to pull out the capsule regularly and flip it occasionally, otherwise it will take a long time.

Once completely dry, expose your down jacket to a well-ventilated area. This prevents any residual moisture from causing a drop in the filling.