The development of smart heating clothing‘s battery


What’s are traditional smart heating clothing?

Traditional heated jackets use carbon fiber as the heating material, an external 7.4V mobile power supply is used as the energy supply. Long presses the switch to activate the heating system.

The maximum temperature of the heating system can reach 65 celsius degrees, the minimum temperature is 40 celsius degrees, rely on manual adjustment, the operation is simple and convenient, but the battery is much heavy.

It is inconvenient to carry, and the interface is a Nokia charger interface, which is really impersonal.

Smart heating clothing’s battery changed.

In order to improve the bulkiness of the battery and the inconvenience of loading the mobile phone, the R&D personnel of the intelligent heating service turned their attention to the power supply system: it is very simple to change the power supply interface, but the temperature can’t reach to 65°C any more. The maximum temperature is much lower, and the temperature is only 40°C after the change.

In order to solve this problem, people have developed a smart chip. After engineers replace the new smart chip, the system can automatically boost, and then added the imported power chip. Make the powe bank automatic over-current, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, safety and portability have been greatly improved.

What will smart heating clothing be later?

In the future, with the continuous development of science, outdated manual type can not meet the needs of lazy people any more.
The laziness of users on mobile phones is also increasing.
Smart clothing is just what they need.

And with the popularity of the Internet of Things and smart hardware and cost reduction.
Mobile APP controls and smart garments that automatically adjust the temperature of the heated clothes will continue to evolve.

Now it’s the period of rapid development of smart clothing.

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