Applications of the Heated Jacket


The heating jacket is a new product in recent years. It is the smart garment that people are most likely to obtain now, and has a great influence on the future garment industry. So what is the applications of the heated jacket?

This style heated jacket is suitable to be worn in numerous instances including:
1. Keep warm in cold area and times, heating jacket for winter warming and outdoor activities.
2. Winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing.
3. Outdoor workwear, walking and hiking, motorbike riding, horse riding, golf.
4. Outdoor sports viewing, cycling, general household use in cold weather.
5. Therapeutically to boost blood circulation and sooth aches and pains.
6. Gardening and commuting.

Using carbon fiber technology powered by compactand unobtrusive rechargeable batteries, which releases the far infrared (FIR) radiant heat to promote the blood circulate; eliminate the inflammation; it also has the health – care function for lumbar nerves and the shoulder nerves.

This heated jacket generates consecutive hours of warmth and is specialized for low power consumption, it works efficiently for long time indoors and outdoors usage. Providing adjustable warmth for a variety of comfort levels. It uses safe, low – power infrared rays to transmit heat throughout the carbon fiber heating elements sewn into the jacket.
Heating element is the use abreast of the times heated technology, power stabiermal heating pads for deeply penetrative heat.