New Battery Thermacell Bluetooth Controlled Heated Insoles
Bluetooth Controlled Thermal Heated Insole

Battery capacity:1400mAh
Charging voltage:4.2V±0.05V
Overcharged protection voltage:4.30 V±25mV
Over-discharged protection voltage:3.0 V±50mV
Charging current: 500mA each
Working current:<550mA
Standby current:<150uA
Output power:2.2W (MAX)
Output efficiency rate:≥97%
Style Code:MTL-1801

New Battery Thermacell Bluetooth Controlled Heated Insoles

Electricity Data:


2、Battery capacity:1400mAh 3、Charging voltage:4.2V±0.05V

4、Overcharged protection voltage:4.30 V±25mV

5、Over discharged protection voltage:3.0 V±50mV

6、Charging current: 500mA each

7、Working current:<550mA

8、Standby current:<150uA

9、Output power:2.2W (MAX)

10、Output efficiency rate:≥97%


1、First time using:

open the silicon protective cap at the side of insole, press and hold the power button for 3 secs till the LED light turn red. Insole start heating.

2、Short press power button to switch the working mode,  red / blue / green indicates the high / medium / low mode.

3、Download cellphone control APP

For IOS  :Log into App Store,Search “HM Insoles”,Click install.

Android:logo into Google Play,search“HM Insoles”,download and install it.

4、APP instruction:

  • Match:turnon HM insole APP,place the cellphone close to insole (less than 10CM), APP will search and match the cellphone with the insole
  • Rematch:if need to rematch a new insole. Click CLEAR  (X)  button on the upper right of the app first page, and then restart search and match
  • On / Off:Click ON / OFF button to control the heated insoles.
  • Temperature setting :slid the control bar to set the temperature, from 35 to 45 degree.
  • Working mode setting  : Click the temp setting to quick set at high (41 ℃~43℃), medium(39℃~41℃), low(37℃~39℃).

open APP,click Accept to turn on Bluetooth


Bluetooth: White means lost connection, Blue means connected


Upper left battery icon indicates the insole battery

Upper right X icon, dis-match Bluetooth

Three quick setting


Press temperature can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit


    • Molded inject insole, steady shape and best fit with Can be trimmed along with the lines to match the shoe size.
    • Silicon protection cap cover the switch, easy for cleaning
    • Bluetooth wakeup(in 15days). The app can turn on and off the insole remotely instead of taking out of the shoe to manually press the button

6.Recharging and Storage

When the battery sign shows low battery on APP or the insoles turns off automatically because of the low battery, recharge the insoles using the Adapter specialized for insoles.  The Charging time is around 3 hours. If you don’t use the insole for a long time, please make sure the insoles are turned off and then store them. Suggest recharging the battery every few months if you store them for a long time.


  • Forbid to use this insole during the strenuoussports;
  • Forbid to place the insole at humid and high temperature. Forbid to punctuate the insole with sharp instrument. It may cause a fire or explosion.
  • Do not disassemble the insole, do not impact the insole with hard items
  • Only specific adapter comes with the package can be used for charging the heated insoles

8. Package includes: Heated insoles,  one pair adapter, and cable instruction manual


Q1: How long does it take for the first time connection?

A: Usually it takes 15-60seconds to connect cellphone with insoles for the first time. Depends on different cellphone. After connected, the Bluetooth Icon on the App will turn blue from White.

Q2: How do I know if the insoles are wirelessly connected?

A: 1. Bluetooth icon on APP turns Blue, 2 press ON/OFF key, you will find the light on the heated insole changes.

Q3: Will the insole electric shock me?

A: Definitely not. All the parts are well packed in the insole. Not any parts touch feet expect the PU layer. And the voltage of insole is only 4.2V, far lower than the voltage safety limit.

Q4: Will tthe heated insoles cause a fire, explode, or radiate body?

A: Definitely not, first. the insole contains High-quality battery cell which has the protection module. It will turn to protected mode if anything wrong. Second, the control chip of insole will detect the battery status if the battery cell protection failed, and the control chip will cut the battery supply. The insoles have the FCC certification from the USA.

But DO NOT try to open the insoles, DO NOT punch it with the sharp instrument!

Q5: Why the insoles can’t connect to the Cellphone APP?

A: please check according to the following steps:

1. The first time install App, there is a notice about allowing APP to turn on the Bluetooth. Please Click Allow. If this one is done, go to next.
2. Open the cap at the side of the insole, press the switch using a small pin, if the light is always off,

please recharge the battery, if the light is on. Go to next.

3. Turn off the App, retry the connection, if still not connected. Go to next.
4. Press the disconnection icon, turn off APP, restart the cellphone. Turn on APP try again, if still fail, go to next.
5. Press the disconnection icon, Turn off APP, Change another cellphone, Turn on APP try again, if it passes means the first cellphone system need to update. if still fail, go to next.
6. Try to contact aftersales service

If you have any questions or find any quality issue, please contact us at any time