Benefits and Characteristics of the Metal Compsite Carbon Fiber Heating Garments


Benefits and Characteristics of the Metal Compsite Carbon Fiber Heating Garments

Carbon fiber heating garments is a kind of warm clothing. In recent years, there have been a lot of warm clothing on the market. With the development of technology, the way of keeping warm in clothing is constantly evolving too.

Each carbon fiber heating garments has 3 heating elements, which make the clothing self-heating, safe, moveable and comfortable.

Heated clothing is different from warm clothing. Warm clothing is designed to reduce the heat loss of the human body, which turn out to achieve warmth. While the heated clothing generates heat through the external heating source, and maintain the warmth of the human body. Therefor, the heated clothing can act better when the weather is cold.

Electrical energy, solar energy, and chemical energy, they all can be used as heat sources. At present, electric energy conversion technology is the most mature in heat application. The electric heating garments can be divided into electric heating fabrics and carbon fiber heating garments. The latter has many advantages when compared with the former, and has become the main choice in the design of electric heating clothing.

1. Characteristics of the metal compsite carbon fiber heating clothes.

(1) Safe to use

Metal Compsite carbon fiber heating garments has a good conversion ability, and as it’s working at a low voltage of 2-24V, which are lower than the body’s safety voltage. So it is more suitable for use in heating clothes.

(2) Temperature raise fast

Metal compsite carbon fiber heating elements can rapidly rise the temperature, it only need 10 seconds to raise the temperature when you press the turn on button. While the heating wire need about 2 minutes to warm up. Compared with traditional heating wire, metal compsite carbon fiber has a great advantage.

(3) Comfortable to wear

Metal composite carbon fiber is made of thousands of filaments and placed in clothes, which is light, breathable and soft. make the garments comfortable to wear.
And the heating elements can be machine wash acceptable, you can wash it easily.

2. Positioning of the carbon fiber heating garments.

Due to the safety and flexibility of carbon fiber heating elements, it is very suitable and comfortable to put them into the clothes that come into contact with the human body. As the battery can power for several hours, it is more convenient for military uniforms, mountaineering suits, ski suits, cold storage uniforms, fishing boat suits, etc. The temperature of such garments is generally control between 35-55°C/95-131°F. It has 3 heating setting, customer can adjust it by themselves.