How About The SBS Zipper That We Used In Our Jacket?


About SBS Zipper

SBS zipper brand is the first well – known trademark in China’s zipper industry.

For three consecutive years, it was awarded the honorary title of  “China Zipper Industry Brand”.

It’t also the leader and leading company in the Chinese zipper industry.

Xunxing, the creater of SBS zipper,  is the secretariat of China’s zipper national standards and industry standards, and the location of China’s zipper center.

Xunxing is mainly work in the development, manufacture and sale of high – quality, fashionable and beautiful high – quality zipper products and provides professional services.

With five major advantages such as technology, talents, brand, scale and capital market, the company is committed to excellence for domestic and foreign customers and partners.

SBS zippers including three series: metal, nylon, vislon various quality code and finished zipper pull head and of various specifications zipper accessories, metal, resin, wood, etc.

Series of buckle and luggage accessories and various types of zipper mold, zipper after processing mold and small precision plastic mold, metal mold products.

SBS has a complete range of products and perfect supporting facilities to meet the needs of customers of zipper products, accessories and services.

YKK is a first-line brand, while SBS zipper is a second-line brand. SBS zipper has won the market with its outstanding cost performance. It is the favorite brand of medium-priced zipper buyers.

Aisycle Jacket Used the SBS Zipper

Most of the Aisycle soft shell jackets used the SBS zippers.

Although YKK is the best zipper brand in the world, its price is very high.

Usually, a YKK zipper price is 3-5 times that of SBS zipper. That why we said using SBS zips can save buyers more cost and also get good quality assurance.

Of course, if you need a higher-end YKK zipper, or if you need another brand zipper, you can contact us to change the zipper.

We will try our best to achieve the products you are most satisfied with.


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