3 Kinds Of People Are Not Suitable For Wearing Heated Clothes


This year’s winter is another grim test for countries or regions in the northern hemisphere. In some European countries, cold weather has made heated clothes a must keeping warm clothes. But some doctors warn that heated clothes aren’t suitable for everyone.

Why the dotors said that?

According to the physician, heated clothes will be close to the skin when wearing it, so it can supply a maximum thermal effect. And in many countries, the temperature in the morning and evening is usually very low, which make it a necessary to wearing these heated jackets. But in the noon or when entering the warm indoor, you might begin to feel hot and sweaty.

And because heated clothes is close – fitting dress, he notes. Most of the people are lazily to take it off even thought they felt hot and are sweating, all day wear it is like that you have just come out from the bathroom. What’s more, there may even be itching, rashes, perspiration, acne, folliculitis and other uncomfortable symptoms happened on your body.

3 Kinds Of People Are Not Suitable For Wearing Heated Jacket

The doctors said that these are three types of people that are not suitable for wearing heated clothes, including children who are prone to sweating and those who are young and strong.

Because their metabolism is much strong and they sweat a lot. Secondly, people who have winter itch, patients with atopy dermatitis, skin sensitive, combined with the weak self – adaptation are not suitable for wearing heated clothes. Because heated clothes will instantly improve skin surface temperature, they can’t afford so much heat, which result in the worser itch, so wear less may help them. In addition, people who have a perspiration and is easy to grow sweat spot, rash, whelk, even the patient of folliculitis. Them also should avoid wearing heated clothes.

When can we wearing heated jackets?

Heating jackets is suitable for wearing when it’s below 12 degrees Celsius. Or for do some winter outdoor activities, such as: paly with snow, mountain climbing, or workers in the middle in the night, feeling cold and wet. Then you maight be think about wearing a heated jacket to keep warmth. If you really want to wear heated clothes to sleep, you should avoid the heavy cotton quilt. So as not to overheat for a long time.