How Long Do Heated Jackets Last?


Well, this question didn’t have a clear answer, in fact, how long do the heated jackets heating effect depends on 3 situation.

1.The most obviously situation. How big your battery pack capacity is?

As we all know that the more power that the battery can store, the more long that the heating effect can last.

Like in our Aisycle heated jacket testing parts.

When we are using the 10000mah power bank, and the heated effect can last for 3-8 hours. While when we are using the 20000mah power bank, we can make the heating effect last for 6-16 hours. Totally enough to wearing all day long.

2.How many heating elements parts and how many power it is.

The more heating parts used more electricity and required more power.

As for our heated jackets. We had 3 heating parts on each jackets, and the maximum power is 9W only. So it doesn’t required too much power. Which can help you saving more electricity and contribute to low – carbon life.

3.How about the conversion rate of the power bank.

The final  discharge energy of the mobile power directly determines the energy  available to the user, while the conversion rate shows the efficiency of  the use of the product for the battery.

Different brand of power bank have different conversion rate, so, in order to get a much long durtion for our heated jacket, we need to compare the conversion rate of different brand that we can get form the market, and choose the most cost – effective one for our haeted clothes.